BRAČ - the islands of stone and stone industry, builders, stonemasons and sculptors, is well known all over the world because of  its rich white limestone sediments.The quality of  brač
stone was  recognized by the antique builders and artists a very long time ago. All historical
periods and art styles used to find in the brač stone the irreplaceable material for stone cutting,
building and sculpture.

PUČIŠĆA  –  the heart of stoney Brač, lives with the stone, of the stone and for the stone. For sure, Pučišća has the longest stone industry tradition in the republic of Croatia.Many excellent
artists and sculptors like Trifun Bokanić, Ivan Puljizić, Branislav Dešković, Valerije Michieli
and many others come from this place. The Pučišća stone ¨VESELJE¨  is spread all over the world. In the place there is a hundred years old stonemason school,the only one of this kind in
our state. It is very active in the co-operation with some european kindred schools.



Pučišća is best described by the verses of the Brač poet.
He says:

He was born on the stone,
He grew up with it,
His own house is built of it
What he has maden of stone
Can not be named
And so,
He struggled with it
And tied with it for ever.

                  Stjepan Pulišelić, BROČANIN I STINA