Daslav Petrović was born on 22 March 1968 in Pučišća, on the island of Brač. His friendship with stone dates to his earliest childhood. In his father´s small, private quarry, he played with the stone, sculpting tiny, variously shaped figures. That slowly evolved into love which hasn´t stopped to grow.

He completed his schooling in Stone Mason School(4th degree) in 1986. He passed Master Craftsman Exam and acquired a title of master stone mason.

He lives and works in his birthplace-Pučišća. He is a teacher of stone masonry in a workshop of Stone Mason School since 1992. He also has his private sculptural-stonemasonry craft workshop since 1994. There is no employees in his workshop, but all his works are made by himself.

Daslav creates somewhat of wood, but still stone and marble are the main materials of his expression. His works are treated with a traditional tools used for processing the stone.

He is a member of HDLU ( Hrvatsko društvo likovnih umjetnika-Croatian Association of Artists), Zagreb.

Visit the Daslav´s workshop, situated in stunning natural ambiance, without any obligation, but with a previous announcement.


Individual exhibitions:

STORY IN STONE Croatian-French Association, Split, 31 May-2 July 2012

STORY IN STONE Gallery Ivan Rendić, Supetar, 4 August-14 August 2012


Group exhibitions:

ON THE SEAFRONT Supetar, summer 2010

SCULPTURE IN STONE Glyptotheque HAZU( Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti-Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Zagreb, 12 July-15 September 2011

XI. TRIENNIAL OF CROATIAN SCULPTURE Glyptotheque HAZU, Zagreb,30 June- 12 August 2012

ADVENT City Library of Marko Marulić, Split, 17 December 2013-7 January 2014

SMALL FORMAT House Zvonimir, Solin, 5 September-15 September 2014